St. Hildegard FC Convent, Bonn, Germany

Place : Bonn, Germany
Established Year: 2005
Address: St. Hildegars FC Convent Im MEisengarten-47 Bonn,Germany
Pin: 53179

The beginning of this convent was upon receiving an invitation from Rev. Fr. Wolfgang Picken, Bonn, Germany of Colon diocese to start a convent in his parish to rekindle the fading faith of the faithful there. He arranged the convent building in his parish and the opportunity for sisters to work in a kinder garten and old age home respectively. The official blessing and inauguration of the convent building was done by His Excellency Rt. Rev. Joachim Melzner, the bishop of Koln on 4th Dec.2005. One sister is teaching in the kindergarten and four others are serving in the hospice along with parish work, faith formation and preparing children for receiving Sacraments. Sr. Merly, Sr. Jophine, Sr. Rose Mary and Sr. Shalini were the Pioneers.