Pradeep Bhavan, Pratapgarh

Place : Pratapgarh
Established Year: 1981
Address: Pratapgarh Via, Dewari, Rainsen (Dt), M. P
Pin: 464774
Phone: 07484 284238

Pradeep Bhavan, Pratapgarh is an extension of RDSS, Silwani, Raisen district M.P. It was blessed and inaugurated on 30th July 1981. The first superior was sr. Hilda. The pioneers of this station were . Sr. Hilda, Sr. Annie Angel, Sr. Deepthi.
The main apostolate here is healing ministry through Pradeep dispensary, non formal education, tribal girl`s boarding etc. Since it is a remote village our dispensary is the only solace to the tribal people in time of dangerous diseases, delivery of women, snake bite and recurring diseases. Indeed it was a very challenging mission as there were no proper roads and conveyance to reach there till recently. Mostly our sisters travelled in bullock carts and walked by foot to reach far away interior villages to provide health care and to conduct health camps etc. There is a boarding house for educating and empowering the tribal girls.