Social Service

The social service activities of the Province are mainly doing with the dioceses and Rural development Service Society Silwani(RDSS). Out of 7 social work centers four are directly under the Province. 8 sisters are working full time in the social work field.

The activities are grouped under three main programmes: 

Education for the under privileged:

Boarding houses:-

The boarding houses are providing a conducive atmosphere for the holistic development of girls from the poor section of the society. Out of seven boarding houses for girls , 4 are directly under the Province. Other two are under RDSS and one under Jammu - Srinagar diocese.

Welfare programme for the poor


Our sisters have been in-charge of St. Francis Orphanage, Shampura in Sagar diocese since 1979. The ownership of the orphanage is with the diocese od Sagar, M.P. Four sisters are rendering service here.

Home for the Destitute:

Just as the patrimony received from our founding mothers, we have w omen in our Home for the aged at Karunalayam, Chandpur in Haryana. The pupose of Karunalayam is to take care of the abandoned women, especially the old and mentally disturbed as well as to provide a congenial atmosphere for dying. 

Care for Physically Challenged:

The Province has been running two residential care centres for the physically challenged children

1. Asara Niketen 2. Asha dham . There are 24 children in both the places. Their education upto class 10 and continued help for their higher education is provided by the Province.

Llliane Fonds ( SLF) :

Lilliane foundation which has its origin in Netherland in 1980 to help the differently able children spread to India. The Province has been doing this mission for the last 15 years. Five of our sisters are involved in this mission as mediators in five states of North India. Under this project various kinds of support is given to physically challenged persons up to the age of 25.

Women Empowerment

Self Help Groups:

The most important strategy adopted for empowering women is organizing women through Self Help Groups. It is an effective means for saving and credit, starting income generation activities and taking up social action for solving the problems of the community.

Skill Training for Income Generation

Income generation activities

Training and awareness generation programme