Evangelization and Faith

In every mission stations sisters got involved in activities organized for the youth, children and parents.
Following are the activities:

  •   Teaching catechism
  •   Preparing the children for receiving sacraments
  •   Pastoral works
  •   Youth animation programme
  •   Preparation for marriage rectification
  •   Intercessory prayer groups 
  •   Counseling for youth and parents
  •   Arrange vocation  seminars and camps in the parishes
  •   Conduct family unit prayers
  •   Service among the Cycle rickshaw pullers in Delhi

It was a new innovation in the field of evangelization. The programme has dual purpose, carrying the message of God`s love written on the backside of the rickshaw and helping them to be independent in earning.   95 rickshaw pullers and their families have come to know the love of Jesus.  Occasionally they are called and have given classes on health, hygiene danger of drug and alcohol and about their moral life.  One sister is fully engaged in this noble service.

 Nine sisters are fully engaged in this field of evangelization.